Senior Golf Channel Instructor Reveals…

How To Instantly Unleash The Explosive Power And Accuracy Hidden In Your Tee Shots…

WITHOUT Changing A Single Thing About Your Swing

Best Part: You can forget the agony and frustration of trying to ‘adjust your swing ‘move around different body parts’ or ‘learning new strategies'. A few SOLID PRACTICE SWINGS and you can add 20-50 super-accurate yards to your drives…Too Good to be true?

If you're as lazy as I am, and just want to get out on the course and hit pure flush long drives (and humiliate your buddies by winning every bet along the way), you're gonna LOVE this

From Shawn Clement

  • Golf Channel Instructor

  • Director of Development at Royal Quebec Golf Academy.

  • Best Club Fitter Callaway Canada 2020 AND 2021.

  • The only Canadian PGA member to ever play left and right in the same bag

Dear friend,

If you’d like to kiss goodbye to short embarrassing drives that balloon off to the left or right…and make you want to tomahawk your driver into the trees…this is the most important message you will ever read!

This is the kind of secret I love to share.

…A secret that will effortlessly add 20-50 yards of consistent accurate power off the tee.

…a secret that will explode the ball off the tee-cup and have it flying further and straighter than you ever imagined possible.

…a secret that trashes the pompous jerks in some Golf’s teaching circles and exposes their inability to help most regular golfers get real results in distance and accuracy.

This is the kind of counterintuitive ‘insider golf info’ that most amateurs or duffers never get to experience.

Your buddies will never get close to knowing this exists.

Yet, for you, right now…You can discover…

How to access the hidden power and accuracy in your swing that has the potential to unleash 20-50 yards of effortless, targetted power to every drive.

Hi, I’m Shawn Clement

I’m a ‘lifer golfer’ who believes he was put on this earth to help people of any age or ability excel at and enjoy the game… beyond what they ever imagined possible.

Some of my Proudest achievements are being chosen as a Golf Channel Instructor, a Golf WRX Instructor, becoming Director of Development at the Oldest Golf Club in North America, the Royal Quebec Golf Club.

…and making the top 10 list of most popular teachers online with 168 000 subscribers and over 50 million views.

I’ve also had numerous TV appearances.

Whether it’s walking down the range exchanging tips and breakthroughs with players like John Carrol, or Anna Whitely from Golfers World…

…Or giving expert advice to the likes of Callaway Canada’s fitting board…

I’ve directly experienced and seen exactly what it takes to hit tee shots with awesome distance and accuracy…on a consistent basis…no matter what age you are!

In my 30-plus years as a pro and teacher in this game…

… Watching thousands of amateurs struggle with their swings, especially under pressure…

I’ve also noticed one thing…

The more ‘techniques’ they try, the more ‘swing changes’ or ‘adjustments’, the more ‘body parts’ they focus on… — the worse they often get…

That means their shots go farther OFF-LINE…

Their drives start flying more off-target…

And ultimately, they don’t get the distance or accuracy they want off the tee…

So when struggling players ask me…

“Hey, Shawn, What’s the secret to gaining distance and accuracy off the tee?”

I always give the same answer…

“I would stop focusing on your swing and moving your body parts around.”

I believe this is the greatest lesson I can give you.

Because this realization is what gets thousands of Golfers I coach every year the laser-targeted accuracy and awesome distance they want off the tee box.

… It’s a secret that transforms the golf of players of any age, experience level, or handicap.

…And all WITHOUT asking them to strain or tax their body… or feel the way they move or swing the club is somehow ‘defective.’

I can tell you right now, that you are NOT ‘defective’ in any part of your golf swing.

Because the key to amazing tee shots is being able to ...

Activate the power that’s already hidden in your natural swing… For More Distance and accuracy off the tee

And I’m going to show you how right here on this page…

In order to see how this works, you first need to understand why you’re struggling to gain distance and accuracy in your tee shots…

I’ll give you a hint:

It’s NOT your age…

… I’m still hitting the ball virtually the same distance now as I was in my 30s…

…sure the technology is better…

But I’ve seen plenty of amateurs with the latest technology still losing yards off the tee…

The truth is…

A Huge Reason I See Amateur Golfers Fail To Gain Distance and accuracy…

…is that they try to focus on dozens of mechanical adjustments to their arms, shaft, and club head…

…they are focused on the kind of lessons you get from 99% of pros.

This means their ‘focus’ is in the wrong direction.

Their brain is focused on the task of ‘moving a particular body part’ instead of the task it needs to focus on…directing the ball to where you want it to go.

The good news is…

When You FOCUS correctly and make some minor adjustments to release your full power…

Your body, arms, shaft, and the club head will all naturally fall into the right position for perfect contact in the tee shot and get you the distance and accuracy you’re dreaming of.

You will engage your ‘full kinetic chain’ like a top pro athlete in any sport and hit the ball further and straighter than you ever thought possible.

…No matter what your age or strength.

In my experience, this ‘FOCUS’ (the way I teach it) is the ONE THING that cuts through all the complicated thoughts that go through your mind when you’re taking a tee shot.…

Here’s what it’s all about…

Your current swing is just fine

All we're gonna do here… is hook up your physical side… to your mental side.

This is the part most Golfers never hear about from their coach.

It's the one HUGE "disconnect" that causes golfers to be inconsistent, flub shots, inhibit distance you should be getting effortlessly, and allow the course to add strokes to your score.


This will be the EASIEST thing you've ever done with a golf club in your hand. And it's gonna fix everything. Automatically, almost overnight.

If you're not getting the distance and accuracy you want off the tee, we can get you all fixed up in about 60 minutes. …without changing your swing.

Once you realize your current swing is just fine… you're ready for the big "truth" only some pros know (and all duffers never realize) about golf:

The Secret To Long straight drives Is All About allowing your Body’s natural capacity for power and accuracy in your golf swing to be released…

Let me explain…

The golf swing is frequently broken down by pros into its major physical and technical components…

Set up, backswing, downswing, impact zone, follow through, and finish position.

They then go about adjusting all these ‘moving parts’ in an effort to improve your golf.

But they miss a vital part of the process of improving your game…

A golf swing is just that…. a swing.

It is, quite simply, one of the many movement patterns that is stored in our brain’s pre-motor cortex, along with the one for kicking a ball,

… or changing gear in a car, or even sitting to standing.

We have these movement patterns stored in the premotor cortex as part of our survival mechanism.

We cannot think in detail about every movement we make if we want to survive,

For example: when you want to go and switch the light on, you think “I’ll go and switch that light on”,

You don’t say, “right then, quadriceps heave me out this chair, glutes you stabilize my pelvis, get ready to aim at that switch cos I’m gonna need

you soon.”

What actually happens is that the pre-motor cortex in your brain responds to your decision, has browse through its programs, and selects the movement pattern needed. In our case…the golf swing.

The brain puts absolute trust in its store of movement pattern programs.

You see the brain is controlled by ‘your intention’, NOT by muscles, joints, and tendon adjustments….

In other words…

For long straight shots off the tee box…

You need to engage the part of your brain that controls your body to perform a certain task.

In this case…that task will be to get the ball in the position we want from our tee shot.

The part of the brain we want to help deliver the long straight drives you need is…

The Premotor Cortex

The vital component of any golf shot…

Most golfers don’t realize how important this part of the brain is in creating the physical activity needed to hit flush straight tee shots.

According to leading scientists…it’s located just in front of the primary motor cortex in the brain.

Its job is to prepare the body's muscles for the exact movements they will make.

Not one golfer in a thousand ever comes close to working with this part of their mind in their golf game.

When you do start using this part of your mind in your game… like I will show you…you will start nailing long straight drives like a big-money touring pro.

No matter how tough the course is, how much pressure is on you, or how much your buddies try to distract you.

And you don't need to be young, strong, slim, or even flexible anymore.

Interested? Thought you might be.

The whole darn secret is about giving your Premotor Cortex the right information… where you focus on your target, trust your swing, and separate yourself from all the golfers out there who are focused on their swing and or ‘moving body parts.’

I will teach you EXACTLY how to focus your mind and body on the target of your shot…trust your swing… and your premotor cortex will do the rest.

I break this secret down in a series of short HD videos, explaining the fundamentals…I’ve entitled,


They can all be heard… learned… and absorbed into your mind/body in about… 60 Minutes Flat!

And that's all you need to do.

Don't worry about long hours of practice.

You can go hit a few range balls if you want, but you don't have to.

Go ahead and hit the course after watching 6 short ten-minute videos.

These fundamentals I teach aren't tough to use.

Use your normal swing.

I GUARANTEE you will be so blown away by what happens… and how EASY it is to get an effortless laser-targeted distance off the tee, instantly.

The Distance Dominator will Unlock your full momentum to hit long flush drives...even if you’re not as strong or flexible as you once were…

… without you ever thinking about how you swing the club…

… at what angle you set the club…

Or how your arms and shaft need to move around the body…

Follow my simple instructions and you will… instantly…

Add Up To 20-50 Yards Of
Extra Distance to every drive

You can do my simple exercises in your living room, backyard, garage, or on the range…

And you can practice it as many times as you need to perfect it…

… to trick and silence your mind…

… So that your body moves in the way it’s designed to maximize your power and speed.…

… Leading to perfectly flush contact on the tee box— time and time again.

Here's the deal:

I went out to the local course a short time ago and got a film crew to film me revealing EVERYTHING I know about releasing the full power of your swing and engaging your Pre-Motor Cortex to add 20-50 dead straight yards to your tee shots.

Remember, these are the same simple secrets I’ve taught to numerous top-level pros and amateurs behind closed doors as Director of Development for Royal Québec Golf Club and Academy.

What you're about to get is a tidy little package of 6 HD videos to transform your drive, where you effortlessly unlock distance and accuracy you never thought possible.

Here’s a quick summary of what you get inside:

The Distance Dominator

How to release the natural power in your tee shots for 20-50 extra laser-targeted yards off the tee

Some of my students are saying this is even better than my in-person training.

They love how you can have access to The Distance Dominator immediately.

And you have lifetime access to these training videos… so you can pause, rewind, and watch them as many times as you like… whenever you like.

So you never have to worry about forgetting the simple secret I’ll reveal to you to maximize your distance off the tee box.

Here’s what I’ll be handing you today inside

The Distance Dominator:

The first thing you want to do is watch the first video

The first is the meaty one — where you will discover:

…The secret of letting your body yield to the full speed and power of the club. You don’t need to change your swing here. You just need to get out of the way of its power.

And it’s so simple you’ll laugh…

Because you’ll be able to FULLY activate your natural untapped power and accuracy within minutes… the very first time you do it.

Each of the 6 videos will reveal tricks and techniques you’ve NEVER seen before for releasing the untapped power and accuracy of the drives you never thought existed…

All by using your pre-frontal cortex to guide each laser-targeted tee shot for you.

I’ll share my tips for making some simple changes to give your arms the freedom they need to maximize your power and accuracy.

I’ll share:

  • How to listen to your anatomy as it tells you where all your body parts go naturally…WITHOUT you have to adjust a thing.

  • The secret of building up a beautiful range of motion…ready to go in the direction of your target.

  • The key to Unlocking the same power Pro baseball pitchers use to develop 100-mile-an-hour pitches.

  • How to get out of the way of your speed and power…for awesome jaw-dropping accurate tee-shots.

  • How trying to ‘hit the ball’ is messing up your swing alignment and direction of the ball. I’ll show you what to do instead.

  • How to give your central nervous system the perfect reference point to get perfect direction and accuracy.

  • How to engage ‘the full kinetic chain’ of the body to create awesome power from the ground up.

  • How to stop your brain from going into ‘flight or fight’ mode…which destroys your innate ability to hit long straight drives.

  • Why you should not ‘be careful when you swing. Yes, you can swing with full abandon and hit the long accurate drive every time.

And you’ll feel the extra power immediately… with your new clubhead speed smashing into the ball with flush contact…

And watching in awe as the tee shot soars higher and farther than you’ve ever hit it before…

So instead of worrying about short, mishit drives… and feeling that silent judgment from your golf buddies…

You’re now crushing every shot consistently farther and straighter down the fairway…

And as everyone is watching that ball fly… they’re giving you the utmost respect for what they just saw you do.

And you’re able to do it over… and over again… consistently.

So you may be wondering…

So how much is it?

The Distance Dominator normally sells for just $497…

And considering my students regularly pay $2,500 a day to learn from me in person, I think you’ll agree, that $497 is an absolute steal.

But today I’m NOT even going to ask you to invest $497 to get access to it…

MUCH less, in fact.

I’ll show you how much in a moment, but before I do, I want to tell you about a few valuable bonuses I’m including absolutely free… on this page only.


Chipping Masterclass

It’s no secret mastering your chipping game is a major part of shaving strokes off your score.

Inside these quick 13 HD videos, I will reveal my secrets of chipping with laser-targeted accuracy and control.

You will learn rapidly how to chip from any kind of lie including…

Chipping from sidehill slopes, downhill slopes, and uphill slopes.

This is normally sold separately for $137.

You also get.


Putting Perfection

Here I reveal all my secrets to having a next-level putting game including:

…Mastering green reading and aiming

…Getting the perfect stroke and distance control.

Normally valued at $147.


Ball below feet, ball above feet, uphill and downhill shots

Too many golfers I work with always tell me they can't manage up and downhill shots.

These 5-minute video will reveal:

  • How to use your same ol' swing no matter how steep the hill is.
  • How to make your ball go as you command without compensating
  • How perpetual motion will protect your downhill and uphill shots
  • And many more pro-only secrets never revealed before

Normally valued at $187.

Everything is waiting for you inside your online member’s area right now…

But because you’ve come this far… I know you’re serious about gaining distance and accuracy in your tee shots.

So I want to make sure there’s absolutely nothing standing in the way of getting the extra 30-50 yards of the distance you deserve.

And for that reason, I’m handing you everything we talked about here…

Not for the $497 that it’s worth…

Not for $397…

Not for $267…

Today Only For $197!"

That’s THOUSANDS of dollars less than you’d pay to learn everything from me in person…

And a generous $160 OFF what everyone else has paid for this game-changing system.

Click the button below to get instant online access to The Distance Dominator… including the bonus training…

So you can experience effortless power and stability in your tee shot… and the extra 20 to 50 yards of distance it gives you.


Get Instant Access To The Distance Dominator INCLUDING

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Get instant access to The Distance Dominator today. Watch the simple easy-to-follow videos to get 20-50 yards of effortless distance off the tee.

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YES, Shawn, I want to add 20-50 yards of laser-targeted distance in my tee shots

Drive more consistently than ever before WITHOUT changing your swing

60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee And Unconditional Refund Policy

Here’s What Happens When You Order:

When you Get Started Now you’ll be taken to the secure order page where you’ll enter your basic information.

You’ll then get full access to The Distance Dominator Course

Click here to purchase and access The Distance Dominator and instantly hit longer straighter drives.

The way I see it, you have 3 options:

Option number 1 is to do absolutely nothing and stay exactly where you are right now.

  • You could play your next round of golf… and continue feeling the same uncertainty when you step up to the first tee and everyone is watching…
  • And keep dealing with the short, mishit drives that are ruining your rounds.
  • But if you’d like to gain an extra 30 to 50 yards of distance…
  • That leaves you with 2 other options.

Option number 2 is doing it yourself.

  • You could do your own research on The Pre Motor Contex, human anatomy, biomechanics, and the kinetic chain of your golf swing… And hope you discover what’s taken me 30 years to learn and be able to pass it on to people inside an hour…
  • And then you could try figuring out the right way to activate it to fully maximize your club head speed, distance, and accuracy.
  • If you’re willing to work hard and spend hours to make that happen, you might be able to pull it off.


Option number 3 is to take advantage of all MY hard work, knowledge, and experience…

  • And do what thousands of my students have already done…
  • By getting access to The Distance Dominator…
  • And watch the simple video training that activates your natural ability to hit longer and straighter drives… giving you an extra 20 to 50 yards of accurate distance…
  • Many of my students see 30 yards of extra distance after working with me.
  • This is the ‘magic’ average number.
  • Many see a lot more distance.

…So next time you tee up on that first hole, you experience the unshakable confidence that comes with knowing you’re about to stripe it down the center of the fairway…

Crushing it past your friends…

And carding your lowest round this year.

Of these 3 options, ask yourself…

What’s going to be easier for you?

I’m ready to give you instant access to The Distance Dominator right now.

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So you can see that extra 20 to 50 yards show up in your very next round.

Only you can decide.

With that said, I’m Shawn Clement… I want to thank you for reading this far… and I hope to see you inside in just a few minutes from now… When you click here to get started.

See you inside,

Shawn Clemens

Coach to elite golfers


60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee And Unconditional Refund Policy